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Private Lessons 


        Lessons are offered to students of all ages and ability levels and are taught by Elyse Emerich


         The recommended age for children to begin private piano lessons is around age 6 or 7, but students as young as 4 years old may be accepted, permitted they are generally able to follow instructions and remain engaged through a 30-minute lesson. It is helpful - but not required - for children to have developed some reading skills prior to starting piano lessons. 

Adults and Teens 

         It is never too late to begin learning piano or developing musical skills. Adults and other "late beginners" often have different perspectives on taking lessons, which will be tailored more specifically to the musical goals and interests of each student. 


       Private lessons can be 30-minutes, 45-minutes, or 60-minutes in length. The lesson length for each student may be determined by considering a number of factors including age, ability, musical goals and finances. Every student will receive a custom curriculum to reflect their personal learning styles and musical needs.  

 The primary goals of private lessons are to help students:

  • Become proficient at reading music notation.

  • Understand music theory concepts and functionally apply them to piano study through composition and improvisation.

  • Develop a healthy and relaxed playing technique. 

  • Become their own music teacher by understanding how to practice efficiently in order to accomplish musical goals. 

  • Enjoy the study of music and learn to love the disciplined process of playing an instrument. 


        Lessons take place at Elyse's home studio in Rothselberg, Germany. Online lessons via Skype or Zoom are also available for non-beginner students. For availability and exact location, please contact Elyse at


        Each student will have a weekly (or bi-weekly for some adults) scheduled lesson time, which will be agreed upon​ prior to beginning lessons. Lessons times and availability will be discussed during initial inquiry stages, but are generally available any day of the week. 

       *Students located in the US will need to consider morning lesson times due to the time zone differences

        Lessons are taught year-round, and can typically be scheduled around holidays and travel. Due to the convenient packaging of lessons, students are able to request a week off for family events, vacations, or illness without getting charged for the lesson. (See studio policies for more information)

$ How Much?

Please click on the link to learn more about lesson rates. 


        Music study has been proven in many studies to have long-lasting and far-reaching positive effects on students. The infographic below, made by Musicologie, shows many of these benefits.

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