Lesson Rates

 Don't pay extra for books!

  Lesson books and other materials are included in         the cost of lessons, saving you time and money!

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10% discount for new student referrals!

Please contact Elyse Emerich at keyoflifemusicstudio@gmail.com for

available weekly lesson times.

How does it work?

  • Choose to purchase 5, 10, or 20 lessons at a time.

  • The price per lesson decreases when you purchase more lessons. To get the best value, most students choose to purchase 20 lessons at a time.

  • Not sure if you are ready to commit? Try just 5 lessons to start; you can always purchase more lessons after the first package ends.

  • Remember: books and materials are included in the lesson rates, so you will not be asked to spend extra time and money searching for the correct books.


*New!* Online Lessons

Weekly 30-minute lessons via Zoom, Google Duo, FaceTime or Skype. Assignments will be emailed after each weekly lesson and may include instructional and informational Youtube videos. Students younger than 8 years old are recommended to have a parent sit in during the lesson to help with finding hand positions and page numbers. 

5 Lessons


10 Lessons


20 Lessons


* Due to COVID-19 and Say-at-Home restrictions, online lessons are currently the only available option until further notice*

30 Minute Lessons

Weekly 30-minute lessons are recommended for beginners to intermediate level students, including most elementary school-aged students.

5 Lessons


10 Lessons


20 Lessons


45 Minute Lessons

Weekly 45-minute lessons are recommended for intermediate-early advanced level students. These students typically work on longer, more challenging repertoire which requires more lesson time.

5 Lessons


10 Lessons


20 Lessons


                 Adult Lessons 

Bi-weekly 60 minute lessons are recommended for adult students-both beginners and those with previous experience.

Pay Per Lesson


6 Lessons


12 Lessons


Looking for In-Home lessons?

Key of Life Music Studio also offers a limited number of in-home piano lessons. Click the link below to learn more. 

Payments will be due by the end of the second lesson of each package purchase. Checks may be made payable to "Key of Life Music Studio" or "Elyse Emerich". Students may also pay  with credit card via the Square App or through Venmo and the Cash App. 

keyoflifemusicstudio@gmail.com |  Located in Newport News, VA